Gary Rainwater, Farm Manager

Gary took over management of the orchard in 1990 and has taken stellar care of it ever since. He has an immense amount of experience including a Bachelors of Science, a Masters in Agricultural Education from Southwest Texas State University, and 32 years serving the USDA Soil Conservation Service; meaning he knows exactly what needs to be done to help our pecan trees meet their full potential. Not only does he have a solid formal education, but he has also been a member of the Texas Pecan Association for 23 years and even served as Director of the Texas Pecan Association from 2003-2006. 

Mark Walls, Owner/Operater

Grandson of Doc Darilek, Mark has grown up on this farm. He has a BS in Environmental Science and 16 years of entrepreneurial and business experience and has been a part of the Texas Pecan Association for the last 15 years. He is familiar with all facets of the pecan industry including orchard maintenance, harvesting, equipment and wholesaling, Mark is in the best position possible to take care of all your pecan business needs. 


Edmund "Doc" Darilek

Doc bought this farm back in 1946 and started the orchard in 1958. One of four boys, all of whom became dentists, Doc worked hard to provide for his family and to further the pecan industry in Seguin, TX. In 1962 he unveiled the world's largest pecan, made from concrete and plaster, in front of the Seguin courthouse. It remains there to this day. Doc passed away in 1992 and left his business in the hands of his son in law, Gary Rainwater and his grandsons Mark and Chad Walls.